Fresh off the Bench: 10.20.15

We've already had a busy week, making an listing new things! Some of these are Facebook winners, I hope one of them is you!

First, we've done some birthstone bracelets that I really love!

The first is a skinny, aluminum cuff, that can be set with up to 3 stones! It's food grade aluminum, so it won't turn your skin colors, or tarnish. I did it in our spud font, but so many of our fonts can work on this piece!

Next up, I've done a new, multi charm bracelet. These are our signature pebbles, linked together. I just love the weight and feel of this piece! 

I've also added a few pieces to our Navajo Style Collection. This cuff can be stamped with any message you choose, but mine says 'she needed a hero, so that's what she became'. 

I've also done a bold bar, I love the arrows and the message. 

It is well with my soul, is one of your favorites, this time I've done it on a tag necklace, with Navajo accents. 

This one is our signature pebble, with a Navajo border, initial, and our signature birthstone choices. 

I've added a piece to our leather collection as well, this one can also come on a sterling silver ball chain. 

I really loved this piece when I saw the casting, and I think it's so sweet with birthstones and names! This shamrock impression is cast into the metal, and I've done this one to hang like a medallion, on a long chain. (There's still standard chain lengths available, too)

Last, but not least, this washer is beautiful, and organic. I've stamped it in our Juniper font, and there's also a medallion length (30" chain) option here as well!

I hope you love these as much as I do!


Fresh off the Bench: 10.13.15

I have two new fonts this week (and another awesome one coming next week) and some gorgeous new pieces to show you. There's also some Facebook winners in here, let me know if one of them is you!

This is our new Street Art font. It's capital letters only, and I love that it's not just plain text, but a bit of art with it. These golden glow bar necklaces can say anything you'd like, up to 18 characters, but I've given you some of my favorites as suggestions. I can also do these in pewter, on a sterling silver chain.

Also in our street art font, what we do best around here, mother's necklaces! First up, our signature pewter birthstone bar.

We did this one as tags as well, up to 4 will hang nicely on a single chain. 

We've added another I love you more piece, in our Dylan Script. This is my first piece in two tone, which isn't always my favorite style, but I just love this one! 


Our next new font is our Vintage Page font. It's fashioned to look like an old typewriter, and I've specially made these pieces to each be as unique as an old book page. I really love these, and the obstinate, headstrong girl one (thank you, Jane Austen) is already around my neck. We've done these in two sizes, a 35 character quote, and a larger 55 character one, and can use your favorite literary quote or message, it doesn't have to be the ones pictured.

Lastly, a mini version of our favorite, roll top tags! These are in our vintage page font, and because of their size, you can get up to 6 comfortably on a necklace. I know many of you were disappointed that our original roll top couldn't have more than 3 on chain, so now you can!

Are any of these winners you? I hope so!

We're gearing up for a busy holiday season, I hope you'll find some perfect gifts with us!


Fresh off the Bench: The Skinny Bar

This week's new releases are all about the super skinny bar. I really love this look, and I'm psyched to be adding more bracelets to our line. There's also some Facebook winners in here, I hope one of them is you!

I love these inspirational pieces, they're so simple and delicate, but really make a statement. These can be stamped with any word, pick one that inspires you! These are great holiday gifts, too!

Simple, skinny birthstone bars, these are stamped in our Angelina font, and are both trendy and timeless. 

Next, I've created a skinny, stacked bar necklace. I love how these move freely when worn but also line up in a row. The length on this one is long, I recommend the longer chain for this piece! 

Roman numeral pieces are always so popular, and these skinny ID bar necklaces can be stamped with any numerals or text you'd like.

Take it up an notch, with a name and birthstone bar. Stack these with a Roman numeral or plain text bracelet to make your statement!

If you're one of my winners, let me know!

Happy Shopping,