About Us

Hello, my name is Lisa, and lark & juniper is my dream. Creating something is my way of life. From a young child, I always made the things that I could see in my mind, jewelry, clothes, bags, and other accessories. As I got older, I always found myself wanting something that didn’t exist, and I would make it.

When faced with raising two small children on one salary in the suburbs of New York City, I had two choices, get a job that worked with my limited availability, or try to bring my vision to life, and build something that would not only feed my family, but I that I would enjoy doing, and have a sense of pride in. I now run my business with my two little “assistants” (and some grown up ones, too). I teach them every day the power of being in control of your own destiny, the value of hard work, the pride involved in running your own show and creating something with your own two hands, and all of your heart. 

I believe in the power of small business, and supporting other artists and families. I source all of my materials from other artists and mom and pop operations, and try to support another family as my clients help to support mine. I believe that a beautiful piece of jewelry can have a special meaning to someone, and I love that I get to create these pieces for people, every single day.

lark & juniper is more than jewelry. It is a modern, urban spin on a traditional hand made product. Even though I have now grown my brand into what we are today, I still make sure that my hand is in everything we do here at lark & juniper, from the designing of new items, to the daily production of orders, to the shipping  of packages. I believe the small details are the most important part of what we do here, and it is really and truly my dream come true to be sharing this with you.