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MINI MODERN: This exclusive font is a mix of both upper and lower case letter. The upper case letters appear as curly, lower case letters. Numbers are available, too! GRAFFITI: This urban, funky font is available in lower case letters and numbers only. A great choice for guys!
NAUTICAL CAPS: A sea worthy, exclusive font available in 2 sizes. This font is upper case letters only, and numbers are available in the smaller size pictured. FLAPPER: This exclusive, elegant font is available in upper and lower case characters.
INKED: Get your tattoo on, with none of the commitment, with our exclusive Inked font. Available in 2 sizes, upper case letters only.  ECLIPSE OF THE HEART: Feel playful, with this exclusive font. Eclipse of the Heart is mixed upper and lower case as shown, and numbers are available as well.
TALL CAPS: Stand up tall with our exclusive Tall Caps font. Available in upper case letters only. SPUD UPRIGHT: A fun and whimsical font, Spud Upright is available in 2 sizes of lower case letters, as well as upper case in the larger size and numbers. 
PAPYRUS: A handsome font with clean lines, Papyrus, is available in upper and lower case letters and is a great choice for men's items. JENNA SUE: Our most popular font! Jenna Sue is fun and versatile and available in upper and lower case letters as well as numbers. 
ANGELINA: The very first designer font, is always a classic! Available in upper case, lower case and numbers. MURRAY HILL: Our Murray Hill font is a tiny, delicate script, great for long texts, and available in upper case, lower case and numbers.
FORNAX: This romantic choice is available in upper case and lower case characters only. NEWSPRINT: Take a page from the headlines with our Newsprint font. Available in upper and lower case letters, as well as slightly smaller numbers.
SWEETHEART: It's all about your Sweetheart, in our playful font, available in upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers. WILD & FREE: Let your free spirit roam with our exclusive Wild & Free font. It's available in upper case, lower case and numbers, and is a great choice for longer texts.
JAMES PRINT: Tell it like it is, just like my son, James, in this fun, Mixed upper and lower case font. HEBREW: This modern spin on an ancient language is ours exclusively, and includes all of the characters, without the vowels. A great way to wear your faith daily, or for milestone occasion gifts.
HAPPY CAMPER: Everyone is a happy camper with gifts from lark & juniper! This exclusive, whimsical font is available in upper and lower case letters. DYLAN SCRIPT: This exclusive font has got attitude, just like my Dylan does. There are upper case, lower case and numbers available in this set.
JUNIPER: This handwritten, exclusive font is narrow and perfect for longer texts. It consists of upper and lower case letters only.  CRAZY TYPEWRITER: This is how I feel most days- completely mixed up! There are only lower case letters available, and the vowels are considerably smaller than the rest of the letters.
I LOVE YOU: This mixed case font is on the large size, but from the same basic font set as my James Print font. It consists of mixed case letters only. SCRIPT: This elegant, large script is perfect for monogram initials and names, and consists of lower case letters only. 
DANIELA: This elegant, oversized script can be used for capital letters (it mixes beautifully with Jenna Sue!) or monograms only. Capital letters only are available. BIG TYPE: This lower case, typewriter font is perfect for initials and monograms. Only lower case letters are available, use for initial pieces only with this font.
EDGY: My exclusive, modern monogram font. There are only capital letters in this set, and it can be used for initial only pieces. FANCY CAPS: This oversized, capital only font can be used for initial pieces. 
We also have over 100 design choices available.
Please contact us if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, we add new designs all the time.