See How It's Made | Peek Inside Our Studio

All of our pieces are created by a process known as hand stamping. Each character and image is a steel stamp, struck by hand with a hammer to create an impression. Because of this process, there will occasionally be some variation in depth and character spacing, which is part of the beauty of hand stamping. 


We have over 100 design stamps of various images, and over 25 fonts to choose from. This gives us the ability to make your piece as unique as the people and occasions they represent. 

Pieces start out blank, and are stamped to order, based upon your specifications. Many of our blank pieces are cast or cut in house, making them unique pieces you won't find anywhere else.
We create made to order pieces as well as production jobs of hundreds of the same piece, without ever losing the hand made aspect of what we do here. Every piece is made with care, whether it's one or 1,000
We hand set each of our signature, birthstone pieces with genuine Swarovski Crystal Elements birthstones.


Each piece is carefully assembled by hand and checked for accuracy before being shipped in our signature packaging.
Pieces are packaged and shipped to clients all over the world, every day.